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People often tell us they don’t know how to get an introduction to disability culture. The academic field of disability studies remains rarefied and inaccessible to the wide public that needs a framework for understanding the history, politics, and artistry of disability.

That’s why DANT prioritizes programming around disability artistry. We need to develop and sustain a public conversation about disability. New York is a natural home for this work because it attracts such immense artistic talent, because it is home to many brilliant disabled artists, and because we have the opportunity to develop models here that are replicable elsewhere.

Simi Linton, a white woman, wears patterned dark red clothes and holds a microphone, perched high in her wheelchair that she has elevated. Kevin, a white man, stands next to her, smiling, with shiny silver shoes. On a screen behind them, there are logos of the Whitney Museum and DANT and text: An Etiology of Omission: Disability In & Out of Protest Art. An ASL interpreter works on the other side of the screen.
The Whitney Museum | Fall 2017

An Etiology of Omission: Disability In and Out of Protest Art

In October 2017, DANT programmed an evening at the Whitney in conjunction with the museum’s exhibition, An Incomplete History of Protest: Selections from the Whitney’s Collection, 1940-2017.

The evening featured talks from Riva Lehrer, Cyrée Jarelle Johnson, and Lawrence Carter-Long.

Video forthcoming on our Vimeo channel.

NYU Performance Studies | Winter 2018

17 Lessons from 17 Months of Activism

Co-sponsored by the Center for Disability Studies and the Department of Performance Studies, we offered 17 lessons from the 17 months we had been organizing.

Our slides from the event will be posted here soon.