Disability/Arts/NYC (DANT) is an arts activist organization building a movement for disability arts to thrive in New York City. Through cultural policy development, cohort-based trainings, and public programming, we work to dismantle discriminatory practices and policies faced by disabled artists, while simultaneously supporting an evolving community of emerging and experienced artistic talent.


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A close up shot of Simi Linton, a white woman. Her wavy hair is pulled back and she wears rounded triangle glasses. She rests her head against her index finger and smiles.
Kevin Gotkin, a white man, is holding a microphone and talking to an audience. He's wearing a dark blue beanie, a glitchy sweater, and dark painted nails.
Simi Linton, a white woman with wavy hair, laughs and holds the edge of her glasses near the temple. Next to her, Kevin Gotkin, a white man wearing a blazer and patterned jogger pants, laughs and snaps.
Steeped in disability history & culture


Simi Linton & Kevin Gotkin are the founders and Co-Directors of DANT. They bring insight from years in the field of disability studies and disability rights activism to the places where arts and culture live.

Left, from top: photo of Simi Linton courtesy of Benjamin Wolf; photo of Simi Linton & Kevin Gotkin courtesy of Earl Cabbell Photography; photo of Kevin Gotkin courtesy of Ian Douglas.

Simi Linton, a white woman, is marching in a protest in her power wheelchair. She's wearing a leopard print winter coat and checkered scarf and a pin that says NO WAR.

Simi Linton


Simi Linton is an author, filmmaker, and arts consultant. Her writings include Claiming Disability: Knowledge and Identity, My Body Politic, and “Cultural Territories of Disability” in Disability. Dance. Artistry., published by Dance/NYC. She is the subject of the documentary film Invitation to Dance (Christian von Tippelskirch and Simi Linton). Linton was on faculty at CUNY from 1985-1998. She received the 2015 Barnard College Medal of Distinction, an honorary Doctor of Arts from Middlebury College (2016), and was appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2015 to NYC’s Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission.
(Photo courtesy of Virginia Lloyd)

Kevin, a white man, wears a bright pink beanie and a blue, bleached t-shirt. He's holding a microphone and talking to a room of people with the backs of their heads to the camera. On one side, an ASL interpreter is working. On the other, Alejandra Duque Cifuentes holds us a large post-it note that says 1) EDUCATION, 2) Access, and notes too small to read.

Kevin Gotkin


Kevin Gotkin is an artist, academic, and activist. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Media, Culture, & Communication at New York University. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 and is an expert in the field of critical disability studies. His writing has been published in Disability Studies Quarterly and most recently in Dance Magazine. He is currently the Artist-in-Residence in the Critical Design Lab at Vanderbilt University, led by Aimi Hamraie. His creative work includes a disability-centered DJ practice, audio production, and video works.
(Photo courtesy of George Alcantara)